Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have suspended all our onsite services until further notice. All operation is conducted online.

AcupressureThatWorks is an online learning platform where we teach students practical and easy-to-apply acupressure and qigong self-care techniques.

The healing method taught at AcupressureThatWorks is based on the ancient tradition of Chinese Medicine (CM).

The self-care techniques we teach can be easily, effectively and safely applied by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The techniques are so simple you can use them, and feel their benefits, immediately.

Our acupressure techniques have helped thousands of people address, cope and heal from a variety of issues.

From physical pain, injuries, headaches and migraines, shoulder tension, back issues to mental and emotional issues, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, fears, abuse and traumas. Everyone can benefit from this work!

We taught people from all over the world and from all walks of life:

- lay people (school teachers, accountants, researchers, high-tech engineers, executives, staying home moms and dads...)

- health professionals (acupuncturists, nurses, physicians, massage practitioners, yoga teachers, osteopaths, psychologists...)

Everyone is welcome!
Our Mission
Provide high quality education in the field of Chinese Medicine applied to the practice of self-care and self-healing.
Promote energy-based medicine as a preventative vehicle for health and wellbeing.
Empower people by sharing useful and effective healing techniques they can apply right away to improve their lives and the lives of others..
"This acupressure style is very powerful work." Vivienne M.

"Excellent class. Excellent experience. Excellent teaching style." Ramesh K.

"I really enjoyed this course. I will definitely incorporated in my daily practice." Christine T.

"Everyone could benefit from this knowledge and techniques." Carrie A.

"I love the self-care focus of the course. It's so empowering!" Karen S.

"It was fantastic. I learned so much and I can apply it away" Mary B.

"Highly informative and very hands on... Time spent in class is delightful." Laurel G.

"Informative and well-worth it." Scott M.

Luca Moschini is the founder and instructor of AcupressureThatWorks, an online education site for acupressure and qigong training. He has been practicing Chinese Medicine for almost 20 years. Luca teaches self-care techniques at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA and is a former faculty member of Five Branches University of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Jose, CA.
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